According to 2016 statistics from the United States Census Bureau, the percentage of children living in families with two parents decreased from 88 to 69 between 1960 and 2016. Therefore, Traveling Toddlers understand the significance of this statistic.

Being faced with an unplanned life event can be traumatic, especially when a child is involved. Traveling Toddlers’ Unplanned’ service is in place to offer resources to make a smooth transition for the family, specifically the child.

Below are some unplanned travel experiences that may create anxiety, trauma, and acute stress in a child

  • Change in routine or structure
  • Homelessness
  • Emergency disaster (tornado, earthquake, fire, etc.)
  • Hospitalization of a child
  • Hospitalization of a caregiver or a sibling
  • Some form of abuse or neglect to the child
  • Some form of abuse or domestic violence towards a caregiver
  • The caregiver who may be incarcerated
  • Death in family
  • Emergency/ having to be away from the child
  • Divorce

The reliable information of Traveling Toddlers paves the way to help families who may be experiencing an unplanned event by offering the following resources and services:

  • Providing resources related to emergency food, shelter, etc.
  • Identifying resources that may assist families to travel who may have one income or limited finances
  • Providing tips on traveling with children

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