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We often think of Charity As an Action. But I think of Charity as a State Of The Heart.

This will sound like a cliché, when I say my mom, Linda Thorne-el has been the most influential and optimistic person in my life. The birth of Traveling Toddlers came about when I was experiencing some very dark, depressing and uncertain times in my life. My children and I were engaging in a lot of unplanned traveling, and sometimes I was not sure where we would stay that night.

I would complain to my mother about all the traveling, and my mom was determined to help me see the good in a not so good situation. She would remind me of how I loved traveling and always wanted to travel with my family. My mom would say, “Charnte your kids have been to more states than some adults. So many people wish they could travel.” I realized that she was right, but I was too focused on my circumstances of why we had to travel.  After this realization, I began calling Royalle and Reign (my children) “Traveling Toddlers”💜.



During this period in my life, in the midnight hours, when I knew my children were asleep, I would pray, cry, and wonder why am I going through all of this. It was during these moments that I started hearing a whisper “Everything happens for a reason and a purpose”. The whispers grew and grew until I could no longer ignore them.  At this point, I realized that I had a story to share that if I could help other women and children to navigate challenging times when they needed to complete planned and unplanned travel then my experiences would have all been worth it.

Therefore, Traveling Toddlers is a true testament of my story. And the Brand’ services will help with filling some of those missing pieces and voids that some women and children face when dealing with planned and unplanned traveling.


Traveling Toddlers is creating a world where children’s dreams are embraced and nurtured through their traveling adventures.



Providing quality traveling resources for children so that they have a safe and fun planned or unplanned travel experience



Traveling Toddlers’ T shirt’s brand and logo were created from a place of love. Each element means something special to me

  • My son and daughter (Prince and Reign) wrote the letter “R”, this made the logo very personal 👫
  • The train traveling down and the plane traveling up… “turning a negative into a positive”. 🚂✈️
  • The letter “O” being the earth symbolizes going global, experiencing the world with no fear🌎


Changing Lives, Building Futures


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